Clean River Project

Upcoming Events

This month (August 2017) we are partnering with Canobie Lake and the Salem Rotary and Lions Club.

The 20th is when we will be with the Salem Lions for the launch of the new pontoon boat the “See Lion” and on the 27th we will be with the Salem Rotary doing a clean-up of the lake shores. All are invited to support and help the cause



Clean-up days

Basically we use these days as a constant reason to take volunteers up and down the river to grab boat-loads of debris.

Sponsor Days

These days, everyone is welcome. However, a large corporate or local business sponsor has come in and donated able bodies and minds to aid in the cleanup. These days get exciting because there are usually a lot of boats on the river and a larger crew means more chance for humor.

Fund-raising events

These events are not on the river…all the time. We need to keep the project going and this involves getting in front of the public and explaining our vision for clean water-ways across the nation. Come join us and support our efforts. Honestly, we aren’t getting paid for this!